A Voice to Leadership

Jen Matheny addressing the Lake County Legislative Delegation concerning the impact and financial benefit of prevention programs.  It is important for decision makers to understand the financial  and social benefit to society of reducing of risky behaviors among teens as they are the future.

Professionals and Educators

Professionals receive Training

Linda and Darla presenting “Understanding the Teenage Brain” to teachers and staff at the FLOCS Conference.  Professionals and Educators interested in hosting this  interactive workshop for your staff, please contact Linda at llewis1970@aol.com.

Lead facilitator and trainer, Jen Matheny demonstrates changes in the brain  during the teen years by having participants actually act it out.  Participants learn about the pre-frontal cortex and amygdala areas and how these parts of the brain interact in the teen years in a fun and engaging workshop.

This training provides insight into how to help teens avoid risky behaviors for school counselors, psychologists, and other professionals who work with teens that struggle to make healthy choices.

Our Local Community Partnership Program

A Special Project of E3 Family

Sumter CAP is a Drug Free Coalition that was founded by E3 in 2015 to engage the entire community  in “Putting a CAP on Substance Abuse in Sumter County.”   The Coalition, under the direction of Rozanne Grady, has grown tremendously and is greatly impacting teens and parents with  exciting and innovative strategies such as Friday Nights Done Right.  It is widely supported by the Sumter County Sheriff’s Department, School Board, Wildwood Police Department, Healthy Start, 4H, and several other community partners.  Please click on the READ MORE link below for more information about our great strategies and how you can be involved.