Our Three Part Mission


Equipping Youth (EY)

The program includes four to six hours of positive youth development/risk avoidance programming designed to enhance protective factors through  strengthening their risk avoidance skills in the five key areas of drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, violence and tobacco.  In addition, the program enhances achievement of positive academic and life goals by building the internal developmental assets that support their emotional, physical, mental, social and financial well-being. Students learn goal setting and implementation strategies that will be equally important for them as adults as well as the teenage years. Students are also provided with resources to prevent suicide ideation, bullying and increase awareness of importance of social media safety.


Understanding the Teenage Brain and Effective Communication Strategies

is for parents of teens who desire to develop a better understanding of the tremendous physiological changes their teens are experiencing and enhance their ability to communicate and effectively guide their teens through these exciting and challenging years.

Cooperative Parenting classes are available for parents in custody or visitation disputes on a fee for service.  These classes are recommended by several Family Court Judges and local attorneys. 


Professional Training and Sumter Cap

E3 Family encourages communities to be family friendly by advocating for policies that strengthen healthy family formation and build self-sufficiency. E3  also offers  training on classroom management and brain based teaching strategies and understanding the teenage brain throughout the Southeast.

Sumter Cap, our Drug Free Coalition is very active  in  providing positive youth activities such as Friday Nights Done Right and engaging the entire community in reducing substance abuse.



   3 Family Solutions, Inc. is a non-profit serving youth and families in Lake and Sumter Counties.  E3  was founded in 2010 by Darla Huddleston and an enthusiastic board whose interest is providing primary prevention programs in Lake and Sumter Counties that emphasizes positive youth development and risk avoidance skills for middle and high school students and family building skills for parents of teenagers and parents involved in custody and/or visitation disputes.


  1. Equipping Youth to Make Healthy Choices
  2. Empowering Parents to Build Strong Families
  3. Encouraging Communities to be Family Friendly      



In 2014 E3 Family Solutions was chosen as Non- Profit of the Year by the Community Foundation of  South Lake County.

 Foundation Director Bryan Williams stated,   “E3 Family Solutions was chosen as nonprofit of the year for many reasons. But probably the most  important is that they use research-based strategies to implement their programs and use data to measure success. We want to see organizations who are not only passionate about the people they serve, but do so in an efficient and effective way.  E3 is the model for accomplishing great things with limited resources. We hope to see them continue to grow so they can serve more and more young people in our community by helping them make better decisions.”    


Today, E3 is impacting teens and families in Lake and Sumter Counties by speaking into the lives of more than a thousand teens in middle and high schools every school year, educating them about healthy choices through our EQUIPPING YOUTH program. 

E3 is EMPOWERING PARENTS  to meet the challenge of guiding their teen to become healthy, self sufficient adults.  Understanding the Teenage Brain and Effective Communication Strategies for Parents of Teens gives parents the tools to successfully guide their teens through turbulent years.  

Seeing the need for a broader support base for healthy families, we network with community leaders,  organizations and professionals and advocate at the county, state and federal level to fulfill our mission of  ENCOURAGING COMMUNITIES to be Family-friendly