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Lake County's 2014

Non Profit of the Year!!

  E3 Family Solutions was chosen as Non-             Profit of the Year by the Community              

  Foundation of South Lake County.


   Foundation Director Bryan Williams stated,  

 "E3 Family Solutions was chosen as nonprofit of the   year for many reasons. But probably the most      

  important is that they use research based strategies   to implement their programs and use data to    

  measure success. We want to see organizations  

  who are not only passionate about the people they     serve, but do so in an efficient and effective way. E3   is the model for accomplishing great things with    

  limited resources. We hope to see them continue to   grow so they can serve more and more young  

  people in our community by helping them make  

 better decisions.”

    The Awards Banquet was the culmination of a day of  workshops sponsored by the Foundation which  were aimed at building sustainability and  entreprenaurial abilities of Lake County non-profits.

Equipping Youth to Make Healthy Choices

​E3 Family Solutions, Inc.

“It taught me that even if you have messed up throughout your whole life, you can change your life for the better right now.” 

Lake County High School Student Comment on the survey completed after participating in our Equipping Youth Program.

Presenting the Award are Bryan Williams (L) Foundation Executive Director and Rocky DeStefano (R) Foundation President.

"We at E3 are so honored and humbled to be chosen as Lake County Non-Profit of the Year!!  We would not be able to serve students at  current levels if it were not for the support of the  Community Foundation. Thank you for your commitment to enhancing the lives of students in South Lake and for all your efforts to build excellence and sustainability in the non-profits  of Lake County."

                                  Darla Huddleston, Founder

Positive Youth Development

Parent Education

Professional Development