What We Do

E3’s mission is to build strong families and, in turn, stronger communities.  We operate under the belief that taking the time to educate children about risk avoidance and the importance of making solid and future-focused choices while they are young will lead to stronger, healthier lives.  

Each “E” in E3 Family Solutions stands for one of our three core goals. 

Teens are faced with important decisions every day, but, in the heat of the moment, it can be difficult to see how those decisions might affect their future.  Our Equipping Youth (EY) program is designed to set teens up for future success by helping them to come to an understanding of the importance of making healthy decisions while they are young. 

Being a parent during a child’s teenage years is no small task.  Teens are presented with a plethora of challenges in their formative years that will have a lasting imprint on the rest of their lives.  It’s up to the parents to help them to navigate this tumultuous season of growth.  It is often confusing and almost never easy.  That is why we’ve made Empowering Parents one of our primary focuses. 

E3 family promotes positive youth development, risk avoidance prevention programs, and family-friendly policies to strengthen the community as a whole.  Our teens are the next generation of decision makers.  By providing them with the means to make conscious, informed, future-focused decisions, we are enabling them to be a force for change in their community as they enter adulthood.