Other Testimonials

Mike’s Story

(as told to Jen and Rex,                        Equipping Youth Facilitators)

“So I went to this party with my buddies but when they started drinking and partying, I kept thinking about what you said Monday about my choices and how they  could affect my future dreams. I couldn’t get that phrase, “Every choice you make Now has a consequence later.  So  I asked  my buddies to leave and go home but they  said  no, they came to party. So me and this other guy left and went home.  When I got to school this morning, I found out those other guys got into a wreck and are in the hospital today. So I’m not kidding when I say – you may have saved my life.”

Superintendent of Sumter County Schools

“E3 Family Solutions has been a game-changer for many students and parents and I am proud to endorse them and their good work. They provide a variety of programs for youth, parents, families and communities that makes a difference through goal setting, communication skills, risk avoidance, and other effective strategies that keeps children first and helps strengthen families, especially those most at risk. What’s not to like?” 

— Richard Shirley , Superintendent of Sumter County Schools


“As principal of Sumter Christian School, I cannot say enough good about the ABC for Teens program.”

– Dr. Karen Lord

(ABC for Teens is now called EY -Equipping Youth)