"The ABC for Teens team did an amazing job with the students.  They really enjoyed being involved in the games and this really made them retain the information.  I had the students write comments the week after the class and all their statements spoke directly to the purpose of the program. I truly feel that my students would be  missing out without your           program.”   -Amy B  

​           “One question on my exam was  ‘What was the most effective thing you learned this 9 weeks?
​ 90% said ABC for Teens!”                -Audrey L    


“As principal of Sumter Christian School, I cannot say enough good about the ABC for Teens program."

 - Dr. Karen Lord

Encouraging Communities to be Family Friendly

Empowering Parents to Build Strong Families

Equipping Youth to Make Healthy Choices

​E3 Family Solutions, Inc.

​Equipping Youth formerly called ABC (Always the Best Choice for Teens


(Taken from Post Class Surveys)

 Thank you for coming to our school. 

Big Help to My Life and Actions.

​This class changed my life.

​No one ever told me I had a right to say no!


as told to Jen and Rex

Equipping Youth Facilitators

"So I went to this party with my buddies but when they started drinking and partying, I kept thinking about what you said Monday about my choices and how they  could affect my future dreams. I couldn't get that phrase, "Every choice you make Now has a consequence later.  So  I asked  my buddies to leave and go home but they  said  no, they came to party. So me and this other guy left and went home.  When I got to school this morning, I found out those other guys got into a wreck and are in the hospital today. So I'm not kidding when I say - you may have saved my life."