SUMTER CAP – Project of E3 Family


Our Motto

Sumter CAP – Community Action Partnership. 

Putting a CAP on Substance Abuse in Sumter County

Our Vision

To promote a safe, substance free, healthy community for all residents. 

Our Partners and Purpose

The Sumter Community Action Partnership (C.A.P.)  was established in 2015 as a joint effort by multiple community organizations who are committed to reducing teen drug and alcohol use.  Sumter C.A.P. is a Drug Free Coalition which works collaboratively with community partners to develop, implement, and promote innovative, sustainable substance free prevention strategies, as well as to educate families within Sumter County, to ensure a safe, substance free, and healthy environment for all of our teens and families.​​

Contact Us

For more information or to become involved, contact:

Rozanne Grady at or 352.603.4571

Visit our website at


Financial Support

Della Boushley, Sumter County Youth Center and Rozanne Grady, Sumter CAP Coordinator, receiving a United Way grant for our summer FNDR (Friday Night Done Right) activities and our Understanding the Teenage Brain Parent Workshop from Dr. Alan Holden, United Way CEO. 

Friday Nights Done Right!

Friday Night Done Right is called a Social Norming Campaign, which simply means we help teens focus on fun activities that don’t include drinking and drugs or other risky activities.  It also helps spread the fact that the majority of teens are not “using” which is a powerful motivator for teens to stay away from these risky activities.  

Friday Nights Done Right in Bushnell

 FNDR Summer Program at Sumter County Youth Center Bushnell Campus. 

Healthy Youth Event – FNDR

FNDR program in Webster 

Sumter CAP Strategies

Sumter CAP Strategies

Sumter CAP has adopted or developed the following strategies in addition to Friday Nights Done Right to help our community reduce substance abuse and other unhealthy activities. Some are in partnership with other community organizations.

No One’s House

 No One’s House is a parent-to-parent campaign that works to reduce the amount of parents in a community who are providing teens with alcohol and/or allowing teens to drink in their homes. By pledging, you agree that you will not provide teens alcohol and will not willingly allow teens to drink alcohol at your home.  For more information go to

I Steer Clear

This program informs students about the effects of drugged driving whether alcohol or other substances.  Students have an opportunity to pledge Steer Clear of drugged driving. for more information

You’re Not Alone Suicide Prevention

In collaboration with Sumter School District 

For more information


 HOME to 741741

Safe Drug Disposal

Don’t let kids or even pets have access to medications.  Sumter CAP has Deterra and Dispose RX kits available so that you can safely dispose of left over medications.  Contact to get a free disposal kit.

SEN (Substance Exposed Newborns) Task Force

Sumter CAP collaborates with coalitions throughout the 5th judicial circuit to prevent, inform and educate about the problem of substance exposed newborn and cutting edge strategies for prevention and effective intervention.