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For over a decade now, we have shared our prevention programs with teens, parents, and leadership in Lake County. Thanks to funding from The Children’s Service Council, Roxy Martin Foundation, United Way of Lake/Sumter, and Church of the Lakes, over 8,000 middle and high school students have benefited from our Equipping Youth program, and it is our goal to continue serving students as funds allow.

Our Lake County Equipping Youth program is an interactive program specifically designed to educate preteens and teens on how avoiding risky behaviors can lead to more fulfilling and successful lives. We currently reach over a thousand students per year.  Not only do we want Lake students to come out of the Equipping Youth Program with a greater understanding of how drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual activity, and intimate partner violence can negatively impact their lives, we want them to understand they have value, their lives matter, and they can achieve great things if they focus on making healthy decisions while they are still young.

E3 seeks to create strong bonds between parents and their teens. We offer various programs and workshops designed to help parents gain a better understanding of the way their teens think and how to maintain open communication with them as they grow into young adults. We also offer classes catered towards parents who are separated so they can learn to effectively communicate without putting additional stress on the child. We want to help parents feel empowered and ready to guide their teens towards choosing a healthy lifestyle.

Part of E3’s role is to be a community advocate.  We make it a point to meet with community leaders, such as the Lake County Legislative Delegation, to discuss the social and financial impacts that prevention programs have on society.  These meetings make it possible for us to further our cause and increase our reach. 

When we aren’t addressing leaders, we offer our “Understanding the Teenage Brain” workshops to Lake County professionals who are regularly working with teens who struggle to make healthy choices. 

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