Two of the presenters for EQUIPPING YOUTH share stories of students affected powerfully by one of the program activities.  Many students of middle and high schools in Lake and Sumter county benefit from the positive life teachings of this program.


Our Equipping Youth Program

QUIPPING YOUTH FOR SUCCESS is a positive youth development/risk avoidance program for teens in middle and high schools as well as youth organizations.  Trained facilitators present  key healthy concepts to students over a period of 5 – 6days.


To build the capacity of youth to make healthy choices by providing the highest quality Risk-Avoidance Primary-Prevention education THROUGH age-appropriate, medically-accurate programs, UTILIZING highly-interactive brain-based teaching strategies. 

How EY Promotes Success

EY gives students the tools needed to make Healthy Choices. EY is designed to enhance both cognitive and social-emotional self-regulation, equipping youth with risk avoidance skills in the five key  high risk areas of drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, intimate partner violence and tobacco.

Woven throughout the program are opportunities to affirm the worth and value of each student, enhancing the achievement of positive academic and life goals through the emotional, physical, mental, social and financial well being that results.

Key Concepts of EY

1. Goals Setting

2. Boundaries /Refusal Skills          

3. Resisting Social/Media Pressure

4. Avoiding Pregnancy        

5. Avoiding STDs

6. Avoiding Violence/Bullying       

7. Preventing Addictions                

8.  Healthy Relationships               

9. Attaining Self Sufficiency           

10. Overcoming Obstacles               

The core of this curriculum is provided by REAL ESSENTIALS.  (Click to learn more.)


EY has been developed and fine-tuned over many years into a highly engaging program. Each of the ten concepts is introduced with a fun activity, designed to engage students and stimulate  interactive discussions.  The presenter is then able to present facts and guide students into recognition of consequences of behavior.


“It taught me that even if you have messed up throughout your whole life, you can change your life for the better right now.”  

Lake County High School Student comment on the survey completed after participating in our Equipping Youth Program.


The Equipping Youth Program is taught in several public schools throughout Lake and Sumter Counties Florida. Please contact us to find out if this program is in your child’s middle or high school. 

A faith-based presentation is also available for churches and private schools. The classes are highly interactive to keep students engaged and interested in the content.

Education on Current Issues

Human Trafficking

HUMAN TRAFFICKING has been on the rise worldwide.  In America, our state of Florida ranks third in the number of victims of human trafficking annually.  Our program makes students aware of the deceptive methods traffickers, stalkers and catfishers use to lure in unsuspecting teens, Social media is where the grooming usually starts, leading to an eventual physical meeting and possible abduction.  Below is a video, “Can You See,” which graphically portrays the progression and hopeless pain of a victim.


A core component of our Equipping Youth program is to to instill in the mind of every student that they are of great worth and make choices to promote a healthy lifestyle.  We pair this positive attitude about themselves with an awareness of the dangers of risky behaviors to equip the student to avoid or overcome the serious depressions that can accompany addictions and violence.  We also reinforce often hotline numbers for texting in any crisis situation.

Can You See Me

The insidious and deceptive methods of Human traffickers to enslave unsuspecting teens.


 Our Equipping Youth program stresses healthy relationships as the key to equipping youth to avoid becoming addicted and Empowering Parents with successful intervention for family members already caught up in addictions.