We Can’t Do It Alone

Our long-term vision is to be able to offer our Equipping Youth program in every middle and high school in Lake and Sumter Counties and beyond.  The teens of today are well on their way to becoming the adults of tomorrow.  Your donation is an investment in their future.  Help us make sure that they are properly equipped to make healthy choices NOW so that they can go on to lead happy, successful lives later.  A contribution of $100.00 equips FOUR students to take part in our Equipping Youth Program. Let’s change the face of our community together!  

Your Investment Returned

Educating youth on the importance of healthy choices does more than just impact the individual. It paves the way for significant economic benefits.  The costs of STD treatment, healthcare for teen pregnancies, welfare for high school dropouts, and treatment for victims of violence all fall on the shoulders of society as a whole, and they add up fast. Students who participate in Equipping Youth programs are not only more aware of the negative outcomes of risky activities, they also build protective factors and skills needed to avoid participating in them in the first place, significantly reducing the need for costly interventions.

Our Partners