Encouraging Communities to be Family Friendly

Empowering Parents to Build Strong Families

Equipping Youth to Make Healthy Choices

​E3 Family Solutions, Inc.

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Who We Are



E3 Family Solutions, Inc. is a non-profit serving youth and families in Lake and Sumter Counties.

Founded in 2010, by Darla Huddleston and an enthusiastic board whose interest is providing primary prevention programs in Lake and Sumter Counties that emphasizes positive youth development and risk avoidance skills for middle and high school students and family building skills for parents of teenagers and parents involved in custody and/or visitation disputes.

The Mission of E3 is:
Equipping Youth to Make Healthy Choices;
            Empowering Parents to Build Strong Families
                        Encouraging Communities to be Family Friendly,

                                                     through intensely practical, multifaceted approaches.

TheEquipping Youth program is the main youth development program and is provided to middle and high school students in partnering middle and high schools throughout Lake and Sumter Counties, Florida. 

Understanding the Teenage Brain is for parents of teens who desire to develop a better understanding of the tremendous physiological changes their teens are experiencing and enhance their ability to communicate and effectively guide their teens through these exciting and challenging years.  

Equipping Youth  through Brain Based Teaching Strategies is a professional development workshop for teachers and youth development professionals.  

Cooperative Parenting is a 16 hour program designed for parents in custody and/or visitation disputes.  The program helps parents learn how to deal with each other effectively to prevent their children from being caught in the middle of the disputes and reduce tensions between them for the benefit of their children.  

E3 Family Solutions is largely funded through state and local grants, foundations and individual donations. It is registered with the Florida Department of Ag and Consumer services - # CH41685.